Have Markets finally started their course Correction?

As I am writing this on a Thursday morning the Nifty has continued to see weak movement as benchmark indices fell in opening. The Nifty is now below the psychological level of 9900. So as usual whenever the market corrects the first question I start getting from Investors is what do we do now? To…

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Cash Transactions – A Costly Affair

Here is the brief on amendments relating to cash transactions which will take effect from 1st April 2017. ♦ Restrictions on cash transactions above Rs. 3,00,000/- From 1st April onward any transaction (including transactions for capital assets) above Rs. 3,00,000/- shall be strictly done only through banking channels. There is a heavy penalty of amount equivalent to…

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Soon, buy Tata Nano online

Soon, buy Tata Nano online The company planning to have a larger push to small car even as sales continue to remain subdued India’s biggest vehicles maker Tata Motors is trying to make buying cars as simple as ordering a cell phone. Keeping up with the online social networking boom in the country, the Mumbai-based…

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New rules of filing tax returns & how they impact you

First they made it compulsory for businesses to e-file their tax returns. Then they made it mandatory for taxpayers with incomes of over Rs 10 lakh to take the online route. This year, the income tax authorities have cast a wider net and made e-filing compulsory if your taxable income is above Rs 5 lakh…

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Smart Way to Insure your Health and Home

Inflation is raging, but the costs of private healthcare are rising even faster. One estimate says that health care costs in India are increasing by 13-14 per cent every year. The only way to safeguard your finances against a fat medical bill is to buy a health insurance policy. There are several types of medical…

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