There has been a tremendous buzz generated from the launch…

There has been a tremendous buzz generated from the launch of Reliance Jio services. On face value the new offering will be a game changer and should actually put the frame work in for digital India. No call charges, no roaming charges and data speeds at a 40% discount over prevailing market tariffs. The icing on the cake is that it’s all at ZERO cost for the next 3 months.
We sent 2 of our team members to 2 different Reliance digital centres in Thane (Viviana Mall and Cinewonder outlets)
At the Viviana mall outlet the customer service told our team member to come back on 5th of September. Customers who were given tokens yesterday and who were asked to collect sim cards today were also told the same. The store had run out of sim cards. Some people were seen arguing with the customer service manager who was quite rude and told the customers that there was nothing she could do and they had to come back on the 5th September. Our worst fears were coming true – Great launch which has created a customer buzz and then the next day the centre says we have run out of sim cards.
We had better luck at the cine wonder centre. Our team member was there by 11:30 am and was told tokens were being given. After standing in line for more than an hour he was given a token for 6th September. They put his name and number on a register after taking his signature and have allotted a number in the form of a token. Each person allotted a token will have to come on a specific time and date to complete the sim registration process. No forms were given, he was told documents and forms will be given on the token collection day. Only 100 tokens are being given at each centre for each corresponding day for which the sim card has to be collected.
He will have to take 2 recent photographs with an address proof Xerox (Aadhar card is most preferable) Forms will be filled on the particular day. We are wondering how much time it will take on the 6th to collect the sim, if it took more than an hour just to put down a name and number to collect the token.
We wish that Reliance takes down the customer service part seriously. Every centre should have expected a mad rush with people coming to either register or collect sim cards. With one centre having run out of sim cards and not even giving tokens to another centre having just one lady handling the token process it not very encouraging signs.
Hopefully things change, stay tuned next update will be on the 6th…….

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