Mutual Funds= DHONI of Investment Options Wiremesh 25th Jan 2018…

Mutual Funds= DHONI of Investment Options
Wiremesh 25th Jan 2018

Do you know that mutual funds give you more all-round options for your investment needs than any other product?

Liquid fund is a better option than saving accounts
Average one year return is 6.1% compared to a savings account with 3.5%

Balanced Funds – A far better option than fixed deposits
The average one year return in this category is at 21.2%*. This outperforms any FD by a big percentage and the icing on the cake is that the dividends earned are tax free.

ELSS – This should be your go to investment for saving tax. Not only does it have the lowest investment tenure (lock in of 3 years compared to the next best lock in of 5 years with any other investment) Just the average one year return in the category is at 32.3%*. The top performing fund in this category has given a 1 year return of 48.6%*

For your investment needs you should divide your portfolio between Large cap, Mid and Small, Diversified funds and balanced funds. Using a SIP based module these funds could help you meet all of your needs.

So when are you goin to start your mutual fund investments?

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*data moneycontrol as of 24th Jan 2017

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